Bangkok’s Coworking Spaces

The life of a digital nomad is fraught with uncertainty, instability, and WiFi-hopping. Coworking spaces—places where people can go to get work done in a quiet, clean, office-like environment—offer an island of stability in a sea of chaos. Over the course of my stay in Bangkok, I ended up getting work done at three different coworking spaces around the city, all around half the price of coworking spaces in San Francisco. I enjoyed working at all three of them, but each had their pluses and minuses. In this post, I’ll go over what I thought about the three spaces that I visited.


19 Ekkamai Soi 4. Sukhumvit Soi; nearest BTS: Ekkamai.


This place is what many consider the original coworking space in Bangkok. Hubba hosts a ton of startup events year-round and many people go there to mingle. The building is easy to miss, as it looks like a regular house and blends seamlessly into the very suburban-feeling neighborhood. Once you enter, however, it is unmistakably a coworking space. The friendly staff members greet you as you enter, and on the left is a number of seats and tables for people to sit and work. In the back, there’s also a large backyard area for socializing and events. Membership also includes access to the maker space called Maker Zoo across the street, which has a 3d printer, motors, Arduinos, and some tools.

Water and a few small snacks are provided for free, but other drinks are available in the fridge for a price. Daily membership is 260 baht (~$8), while monthly membership is 4650 baht (~$155).





219 Asoke Towers, Sukhumvit Soi 21 (Soi Asoke); nearest BTS: Asoke, MRT: Phetchaburi.


Glowfish is a multi-story office space in Asoke Tower shared with a few other companies, but the coworking space itself is confined to a single room on the 3rd floor. Free coffee and tea is included via a hot water machine on the same floor. One wall for the coworking space is shared with a conference room whose walls are not very thick, so if you’re looking for a quiet spot to work, this may not be the best choice. However, Glowfish’s price is the lowest of the three, at only 200 baht (~$6) per day, and includes a coupon for a free drink at the coffee shop downstairs. The monthly rate is a lot higher, however, at 5500 baht (~$183).


The Hive

46/9 Sukhumvit Soi 49, nearest BTS: Thong Lo.


The newest and largest of the three, The Hive began in Hong Kong before opening its Bangkok branch. Spanning a total of five floors with a modern, warehouse-chic feel (and accompanying decorations), this coworking space is the nicest that I’ve seen so far. The top floor includes a rooftop lounge and café, while the bottom floor has a spa where you can get a foot massage (for a price). The three floors between contain coworking spaces, hotdesks, and office spaces. Prices start at 300 baht (~$9) per day, with monthly prices starting at 5000 baht (~$166). Coffee and tea are complementary.




As of now, the startup community in this bustling city seems to be growing at a healthy place, and the increasing number of these coworking spaces in the city seem to be a testament to that growth. Additionally, the extremely low cost of living in Bangkok makes it a very enticing choice for many internet entrepreneurs, software contractors, designers, and more.

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Yu Jiang decided to put his career at Apple as a robotics designer and programmer on hold in order to follow his dream of traveling the world. He loves exploring, meeting new people, and learning new things.

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