The 68 Things I’m Taking on My Trip Around the World

About a month ago, I sold almost everything that I owned, moved out of my apartment, and started living out of a single backpack on friends’ couches, extra beds, sleeping bags, etc. It’s been a humbling experience, to say the least, but I wanted to get some practice living this way so I’d be ready for my trip around the world.

I wanted the ability to be able to go anywhere on a moment’s notice, which necessitated that I take only what I can carry in a single carry-on backpack. Not having to deal with checked luggage on flights dramatically simplifies my life. Since I’ll also be in Europe in wintertime for only a week or so, I needed some cheap, warm clothing that I could donate to somebody who needs it before I left for warmer weather. This is a picture of everything that I’m taking (and yes, it all does fit into the backpack):


Here’s a list of the things that I’m bringing, by category:






I’m only packing one pair of shoes because I feel that the Rockport waterproof leather oxfords that I bought look classy enough, but are also able to handle pretty much anything. The down jacket and vest from Uniqlo should keep me warm enough, and if not I have a few extra layers to help me out.

I thought for a long time about whether I should or should not bring a DSLR (or even mirrorless camera). I decided that the DSLR would be too large, conspicuous, and heavy, and would be more of a burden than anything. I ended up selling my Fuji X-E1 setup and picked up a Sony RX100 Mk3 instead, which can shoot photos that are just about as good as a DSLR + kit lens, but is infinitely more compact and discreet.

Over the past month that I’ve lived with this minimal amount of stuff, I’ve felt extremely liberated. The real challenge, however, is seeing if I’m able to do this for an extended period. By living with so little, it’s easy to see all the things I’ve taken for granted all throughout my life, and I’m already infinitely more thankful for everything that I have.

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Yu Jiang decided to put his career at Apple as a robotics designer and programmer on hold in order to follow his dream of traveling the world. He loves exploring, meeting new people, and learning new things.

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  1. Hi! I stumbled upon your site, and I’m planning a solo trip to Sweden in 3 weeks. I’m only going to be travelling with a carry-on for 10 days (granted, it’s not as long as your trip), but I’m planning to stay in hostels. Do you have any advice for what I should bring? I think I’m set on minimizing the amount of clothes I need. But I’ve heard mixed comments on whether I need a sleep liner / toiletries (note. I’m a girl. I noticed you didn’t bring shampoo, but is it because guys don’t need any while travelling).

    Also, I followed your advice and bought the Sony RX100 Mk3. Your pictures look amazing!

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